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All postage rates quoted are for UK mainland. Reduced postage rates are available when ordering multiple items so please e-mail for personal quotation (and for postal rates to your delivery address).

Mushroom Night lights

Choice of 8 cap colours,
bright or pastel shades of Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue

Mushroom night lights £25 plus £3.50 p&p
UK power adaptor £11.50 plus £3.50 p&p
Spare bulbs (two) 4.00 (inc. p&p)


Lighthouse 1
Lighthouse 2
Lighthouse 3
Lighthouse 4
Lighthouse 5
Lighthouse 6
Lighthouse 7
Lighthouse 8

Post and pack £3.50
UK power adaptor 11.50 plus 3.50 p&p
Spare bulbs 1.00 each at time of lamp purchase.

Wall lights

Picnic Rabbits Mushroom Mouse 53.00 + p&p £4.50 46.00 + p&p £4.50
UK power adaptor 11.50 plus 3.50 p&p
Spare bulbs (two) 4.00 (inc. p&p)
(8 colours available as mushroom night lights above)

'Sensible'Mushroom sound and picture monitor

Complete with bulb and power adaptor (UK)   169.00 p&p inc.
(8 colours available as mushroom night lights above)

Themed T shirts
Picnic rabbits Mushroom mouse
A great little follow on gift.
8.50 + p&p 3.50 (see special offers)
100% fruit of the loom white cotton. Sizes 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 8, 9 to 11 years
Money Bunny Boxes

Red Yellow Pink Pastel yellow

14.50 + p&p 3.50 (see special offers)

Book Ends
Bathing Bears (blue)
Bathing Bears (pink)
Egg & Chicks
Honey Bears
Mushroom Owl
Elephants (blue)
Elephants (pink)
Bear & Ball
p&p £5.50 per set

Buy a night light
and get a Mushroom money box for just 14.50 each (save 3.50)
and/or t-shirts for just 4 each (save 8)
No limit to number of money boxes or t-shirts ordered with night lights - whilst in stock

Call (UK) 0207 724 7311 or Click here to e-mail midnightmushroom@hotmail.com for personal quotation
Midnight Mushroom
123A Gloucester Terrace, London W2 3HB (UK) Tel: 020 7724 7311

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